Voice care

I have several years of experience in helping professional and occupational voice users to keep their voices healthy and work on their breathing. I have coached members of the clergy, precentors, teachers, sign language interpreters, actors/actresses, children’s instructors and other professionals who rely on their voices in their work. In voice care, the key is to learn how to breathe correctly and relax your body when using your voice. These are closely linked to one’s ability to deal with performance anxiety or handle different kinds of work-related situations.

Thanks to my previous background in teaching, I have been able to include a pedagogical perspective when working with teachers and children’s instructors on their vocal technique. This has involved looking at the voice as a tool for guidance and influence.

Coaching is mostly offered in small groups so as to give each client individual attention and the opportunity to work their way to a better understanding of the basics of voice care and breathing. By working together with a coaching partner, I can tailor sessions to meet specific needs and requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel you need to work on your voice!